Red River Hoglet Update

The two female Red River Hogs, born June 23, are growing fast! Both hoglets now weigh about 35 pounds and have been named Charlotte and Geraldine. Both names come from the children's books Geraldine’s Blanket and Charlotte’s Web.

The two recently reached a milestone in growth when they got a set of vaccines for E. coli, tetanus and rabies. They have also stopped nursing altogether, switching to a diet of produce and dry pelleted food known as chow.

Geraldine looks like a clone of her mother Daisy with black markings on both. She also tends gets upset easily.

Charlotte on the other hand has very pretty coloring that does not consist of the typical black markings. Charlotte often picks fights with her sister and the bongos, trying to nip their ankles; she is also much quieter than Geraldine.

Both girls prefer hanging out with dad and can often be found napping or searching the exhibit for treats.

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