New Residents in the Reptile House

The Reptile House has seen many new additions in the last few weeks. The showiest of the new residents is the Madagascar Giant Day Gecko; believe or not, these guys ARE giant for geckos. Our pair is just half-grown right now but they will reach 10 inches in length at adulthood!

The hardest to spot may be the Oustalet’s Chameleon. Chameleons can be very nervous animals so we have applied one-way-vision vinyl on the exhibit glass to make him feel more secure; this may make the viewing appear slightly shaded for us, but the animal sees a vibrant jungle scene.

The largest new resident is a Blood Python, this six-foot snake weighs in at 24 pounds - you can't miss him!

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

Oustalet's Chameleon

Blood Python

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