Red River Hoglets Born

Early on June 23rd, 2013, the Sacramento Zoo’s adult pair of Red River Hogs welcomed two female hoglets weighing in at 2.7 and 2.5 pounds. The Red River Hog family will be off-exhibit for a couple weeks, after which the youngsters will be ready to navigate their exhibit and meet their Bongo roommates.

When full grown, the hogs will weigh between 120 and 264 pounds and reach three to five feet in length. Until about three months of age, piglets are brown with yellowish stripes. This coloring serves as effective camouflage in the wild. Red River Hogs are best known for their long curly ears and reddish-brown fur. Native to the dense tropical jungles of Central to West Africa, Red River Hog populations are in serious decline due to hunting for food and sport.

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