New Greenhouse Sprouts Up at the Zoo

Visitors are often amazed not only by the animals but also by the lush landscaping and the variety of vegetation at the Sacramento Zoo. Many of these plants serve a dual purpose. They provide shade and beauty on Zoo grounds and fresh plant material for zoo animal diets.

This plant material is called browse and it supplements animal diets and serves as enrichment to help them stay physically and mentally active.  For example, the Zoo feeds the giraffes acacia branches, the Red Panadas eat bamboo that is grown near their exhibit and roses are given to the primates as a special treat.

Now, thanks in part to a grant from the Dwelle Family Foundation, the Zoo has a new, much needed greenhouse. This greenhouse will increase the Zoo’s sustainability by raising seedling and shoots in a protected environment.

Zoo horticulturist Michaela Bergera is excited to grow plants such as orchids, bamboo, trees and grasses that will help keep the Zoo looking beautiful and enrich the animals.

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