Black & White Ruffed Lemur Babies

The Sacramento Zoo is excited to announce the birth of four Black and White Ruffed Lemur babies. The lemurs were born on May 17, 2013 and have been growing fast in an off-exhibit area with mom.

Ruffed lemurs are the only primate that keeps their young in nests instead of carrying them around. In the wild they would use tree cavities and crooks to nest in, but at the Zoo the keepers provide other nesting options like tubs and crates that are place in different locations. The mom moves her young from one nest to the other, as she sees fit.

At a few weeks of age the infants start following mom around and practicing their climbing skills. They are currently in an off-exhibit area, but you can sometimes see them bouncing around through the last mesh door on the left side of the exhibit.  This also allows the father and older brother to get to know the youngsters through the mesh and will help with the introduction process when they come out into the large exhibit.

Infants are born with their adult coloration, just mini-sized. Every individual is slightly different in coat pattern with a lot of variety in amounts of white, black and even some shades of brown. Eye color often starts out as a blue color and then changes (multiple times in the same individual), to various shades of yellow, gold or green.

4 days old. Photo credit: Christa Klein
4 days old. Photo credit: Christa Klein
8 days old. Photo credit: Christa Klein
12 days old. Photo credit: Christa Klein
14 days old. Photo credit: Christa Klein
24 days old.

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