Burrowing Owl Chicks Hatch

Seven Burrowing Owl chicks hatched over Mother's Days weekend here at the Sacramento Zoo. Four are inside the exhibit burrow and will start making appearances outside the nest over the next couple of months.

The other three chicks are being hand-raised to become outreach animals, acting as ambassadors for their wild counterparts. You can see the chicks in the video below being hand-fed. They each have a different color dot on their heads for identification purposes since they are weighed daily and have individual food needs.

Burrowing Owls were the stars of the book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen that was later made into a movie. They are native to North America and can be seen in grassy fields right here in the Sacramento Valley. Burrowing owls are a very important grassland predator that helps keep rodent populations in check.

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