Baby Mongoose Lemur

The pair of Mongoose Lemurs that live across from the Tall Wonders giraffe deck had a baby! Mom gave birth during the day on Saturday, May 11th to her second baby. Their first youngster is also in the enclosure and learning important parenting skills from watching her mother with this infant.

The mom carries her infant like a fanny pack so you will see the baby around her waist. The sex of the baby will be known in a few months. The throat will stay white if it's a female but change to a rust-brown if it is male.

The whole family is on exhibit now. This species of lemur is monogamous and the typical “group”  is an adult pair and their offspring, usually one per year. Adults weigh just over 3 lbs.

Like other lemur species they are found on the island of Madagascar. Approximately 200 years ago they were also introduced to the Comoro Islands by man.  Mongoose Lemurs are endangered and under extreme pressure in their range habitats due to forests becoming fragmented and degraded and also from hunting. 

Mom & baby with big sister. Photo credit: Mike Owyang.
Baby Mongoose Lemur. Photo credit: Mike Owyang.

Mom with 1 day old baby. Photo credit: Christa Klein.

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