Update on Jingga the Sumatran Tiger

We've been posting a lot about the new little tiger cub CJ, but wanted to update you on Jingga, Baha and Castro's cub that was born in 2010.

Jingga moved to a new home last year to meet her new mate Rojo at the Topeka Zoo in Topeka, Kansas. They are a recommended breeding pair by the Sumatran Tiger SSP (Species Survival Plan) and so far are getting along very well.

Jingga experienced snow for the first time as well as someone other than her mom to play with. Zookeepers love her and she is still the Jingga we knew and loved, curious and playful. Sac Zoo Carnivore Keepers have been in close contact with her new keepers since she has left so keep an eye out for future updates!

Jingga celebrated her 3rd birthday last month and had an egg hunt for Easter! We are all happy to hear she has such a good home in Kansas!

Jingga at the Topeka Zoo

Jingga in the front, Rojo in the back
Jingga with her Easter eggs for her birthday

Jingga in the back, Rojo in the front

Jingga experiencing snow for the first time
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