Baby Wolf's Guenon Needs a Name!

The Sacramento Zoo’s charismatic Wolf’s Guenon monkey, born on January 26th, 2013, needs a name.  The Zoo is requesting the help of the community to choose a name for the adorable baby.  The gender is still unknown and so all names are gender neutral. The name will be announced after voting closes on Friday, May 10th, just in time for Mother’s Day.

The following list of names and their meaning can be voted on here.
  • ZURI – Good, nice, pretty, lovely and cute in Swahili
  • NOKI – Love and to fall in love in Swahili
  • WALI – Short for Walikale, a city near the Wolf’s Guenons native habitat that mines for precious metals that coincide with the color of an adult Wolf’s Guenon
  • KAMARI – Moonlight in Swahili
  • AYO – Joy in Yoruba
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You may vote as often as you like.
Voting closes on May 10th at noon.
Your vote will take a few minutes to appear on the results page.

Wolf's Guenon. Photo credit: Mike Owyang
Wolf’s Guenons are native to central Africa where they inhabit forests and forage for fruits, seeds, and an occasional insect. Forming loose family groups in the wild, these monkeys are even known to spend time with other primate species including Bonobos, Colobus Monkeys and other guenons. A larger mixed-species group may mean that there are more eyes on the lookout for predators, and many guenons have learned to recognize other monkeys’ alarm calls so that they know how to respond correctly if a neighbor spots a leopard or eagle.
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