Tiger Cub Named in Honor of Dad

Zoo staff have decided upon the name Castro Jr. for the tiger cub who is now over a week old. The name is in honor of the Zoo’s adult male tiger and the cub’s father, Castro. Castro was recently diagnosed with a form of cancer and is currently receiving chemotherapy. 

Castro Jr., nicknamed C.J., is the youngest of 5 siblings. All four of his older siblings (three brothers, one sister) have since moved to other AZA accredited zoos to be paired with potential mates so that they may (fingers crossed!) continue to bolster the Sumatran Tiger population.

Read the previous blog post for details on the new tiger cub!

11 days old - eyes are open!
4 days old

4 days old - being measured during a quick exam
2 days old - weighed in at 3 pounds

2 days old
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