Lemur's Festive Feast

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

Each year at Holiday Magic, we highlight some of the more festive holiday enrichments that are given to the animals. They receive daily enrichments, but staff and Zoo Teens go above and beyond to make them just a little more special this time of year.

As a precursor to Holiday Magic staff put together a festive feast for the Black & White Ruffed Lemurs this morning. Items included a turkey-shaped pinata with jam on the outside, a variety of fruits and vegetables, primate chow that was moistened and shaped into pie crust and turkey slices, boiled yam "pumpkin" pie and carrot "candles".

Join us at Holiday Magic on Saturday, December 8th from 10 am to 4 pm and watch as many other animals get their special holiday treats!  Visit the Holiday Magic webpage for a full schedule of feedings and keeper chats.

Here are some photos of the lemurs and their feast. Happy Holidays!

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