New Kitchen for the Rare Feline House

By Amanda Mayberry, Carnivore Keeper

Behind-the-scenes in the Rare Feline House (where the lions, tigers, jaguars are) we have space for the animals but we also have a bathroom, office and kitchen that makes it functional for the humans! Every morning keepers bring up food from the main Zoo kitchen to prepare the daily meals for the carnivores (meat eating animals). Meat is weighed and combined with chow or various other items depending on the species.

Due to concerns about the sustainability of our current cabinets we recently chose to completely overhaul the kitchen area. The room was stripped, re painted, and rebuilt from the ground up. Our new kitchen is now home to a shiny new sink, sleek-easily cleanable counter tops, and open shelving for various new organization bins.

This entire setup can also be easily cleaned top to bottom. We have direct access to our enrichment items, emergency equipment, and tools. Our new cabinets have a lazy Susan which allows easy storage and accessibility to enrichment spices as well as supplements and medications.

The new kitchen has made a huge difference in our daily routines making it that much easier to find what we need quickly and efficiently. Our new kitchen was designed to last and we couldn’t be happier. 

We would like to give a BIG thank you to our friends at IKEA West Sacramento for making this all possible!!

The Tamanduas approve of the new kitchen.

The finished kitchen.

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