New Grey Fox as Animal Ambassador

The Interpretive Center has a new addition to its Animal Ambassadors, a non-releasable Grey Fox kit. Grey fox are common, although rarely sighted, in California and are a versatile species that can live in most habitats, eat a variety of foods and can even climb trees!

Lando is only four months old, but he is learning quickly and already has a some trained behaviors including sit, hold (aka stay), kennel and come. His favorite training treat, you ask? Mango and plum, believe it or not.

Lando will be in quarantine until the end of August in our vet hospital, lounging around with his toys and stuffed animals and learning the ropes of a life of fame, with his keepers visiting him three times a day. Once he is cleared from quarantine,  you can catch him in training sessions and shows at the amphitheater. Stay tuned!

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