WEAVE at the Zoo

By, Julie Seewald Bornhoeft, WEAVE

Like every strong business, bringing our staff together and building teams is an important part of our work. With four sites, 24 hour operations, and more than 75 full and part-time employees (plus another 100 “on-call” staff), it can be a challenge to keep everyone up to date and on the same page. It’s easy for staff meetings to become “routine”.

On June 13, WEAVE decided that the typical staff meeting was for the birds so we went to the birds, and the giraffes, and the chimpanzees. WEAVE headed to the zoo.  Thanks to the awesome staff at the zoo, WEAVE was able to take advantage of their amazing space to host our staff meeting and a great team building day.

We beat the heat with a brown bag lunch in the Kampala Conference room. This great space can accommodate large and small groups and was perfect for our meeting (plus the air conditioning was welcome in the 95 degree heat).  After our business was complete, our staff took part in a great team building day that allowed us to see all of the amazing creatures who call the Sacramento Zoo home.

Our staff split into teams for a good old fashioned scavenger hunt. Armed with cell phones and list of items/activities to find, we set off to photograph animals we would never want to meet in the wild, creatures beginning with the letter S and even the challenge of finding an animal sticking its tongue out (easier said than done we learned). 

The trip to the zoo proved that grown-ups enjoy the Sacramento Zoo just as much as the kids. Our staff worked together and enjoyed the opportunity to experience the wonders of the zoo with their co-workers. It was an affordable way to partner with another nonprofit to strengthen our agency.

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