Take a Photo, Help Save Orangs

Leslie Field, Supervisor of Mammals

The Sacramento Zoo is currently supporting the work done by the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program (SOCP) and we need your help!

The SOCP and a coalition of other NGO’s are currently fighting a last ditch battle to save the remaining Sumatran orangutans and forests of the Tripa peat swamps, on the West coast of Aceh Province, Indonesia. These forests probably contained up to as many as 3,000 orangutans in 1990, but today only around 200 are thought to remain. It is also considered that as many as 100 perished in the 12 months prior to April 2012, due to rapid forest clearance and fires, especially in March this year.

Tripa’s forests are being converted by just a handful of companies, owned by a relatively few extremely wealthy people, for large-scale oil palm plantations. The legality of the concession of one of the companies, PT Kallista Alam, is being contested in a high profile legal case since it contravenes National Spatial Planning Laws. This company and the others in Tripa are also being challenged for illegal clearance and illegal burning within their concessions, which continues even now, and for the illegal establishment of huge drainage canals that drain this unique wetland ecosystem of its principal life force.

To stop these crimes, the SOCP and its partners have been working hard on media campaigns and publicity to push the authorities to enforce Indonesia’s National Laws. Thanks to the support of thousands of people around the world, we are now at last starting to see real progress, but there is a still a long way to go.

What can you do?
Join our International Day of Action which calls on the Indonesian President SBY to enforce the law and save the Sumatran orangutans and protect the unique ecosystem, the Tripa Peat Forests.

On Thurday, April 26 TAKE A PHOTO by noon of you and your friends in front of a local landmark holding a sign with a message to President SBY calling on him to enforce the law and save the orangs and the peat forest. Email the photo to endoftheicons@gmail.com with info about where the picture was taken and all images and info worldwide will be combined into a global press release. This global action will be given to SOCP partners, Indonesian government officials and stakeholders.

For more information visit SOCP at www.sumatranorangutan.orgor End of the Icons at http://endoftheicons.wordpress.com/
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