Zoo Teens Paper Mache Contest

By Sarah Musser, Teen Coordinator

Zoo Teens are a group of dedicated youth that love animals, the earth, and our community who volunteer their time on weekends at The Sacramento Zoo. Zoo Teens develop their own ideals, views, and passions, to help encourage zoo patrons to become better stewards of the Earth.

The 2011-2012 Sacramento Zoo Teens started their year off with a Paper Mache Contest! The teens were split into four groups to develop and create the most unique Paper Mache project for our Lions. The completed projects included; a pair of Zebras, T-bone steak complete with knife, fork, and plate, a Gummy Bear with a Tootsie Pop, and a carrot.

Selecting only two was difficult but the project winners were the Zebras and the T-bone steak (utensils and plate included). The winning two were selected based on creativity and most appetizing to the Lions, and voted on by the Education Staff.

Two zebras taking shape

Steak and knife looking good!

Steak, fork, knife and plate ready for the lions.

The winning pair of zebras

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