New White-faced Owls

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

The Zoo welcomes a new species of owl that are now on exhibit behind the river otters and next to the porcupines. The pair of brothers hatched at the Bronx Zoo in October 2010 and despite only being one day older, the elder brother rules the roost. They are settling in well and like to hunt for crickets that have been tossed into their exhibit by the zoo keepers.

The White-faced owls are native to Africa, south of the equator and live in open woodland and in the savannah. They hunt for large insects, arachnids and small mammals and birds.

This owl species modifies its appearance in times of danger or threat by either puffing up and holding out its wings to look larger, or elongating its body to look like a branch or tree trunk. This owl attracted attention when it was featured in a Japanese video titled "Transformer Owl."

White-faced owls are nocturnal and spend much of the day roosting. Its call is a series of fast, bubbling hoots, uttered at night and frequently repeated.

Make sure to stop by their exhibit the next to you are at the Zoo!

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