"I helped preen an Electus parrot!"

By Charlene Lee, IC Intern
As a student interested in working with and around animals, I’ve had some great opportunities interning at the Sacramento Zoo. I get to go home after a day’s work and say, “Today I gave a bath to a California desert tortoise, talked to Zoo visitors about the Blue-tongued skink, and helped preen an Eclectus parrot,” – all great perks of being an Interpretive Center Intern at the Sacramento Zoo.

In the seven months of interning, I have become an expert at cleaning the exhibits of animals like the White-faced whistling ducks, the Madagascan tenrecs, and the African serval. In addition to that, learning from Zoo staff about all of the animal ambassadors housed in the Zoo’s Interpretive Center has been a great opportunity. To then take that information and teach it to Zoo visitors has been a highlight of my internship experience.

Participating in ZooMobiles has been one of my favorite parts of the internship, and having my own role in the Wildlife Stage Show performed inside the Sacramento Zoo’s Amphitheater has helped me overcome my initial bouts of stage fright! For college students pursuing a career in animal care, and who enjoy educating the general public about the animals they work with, an Interpretive Center Internship at the Sacramento Zoo can be a satisfying experience.

The knowledge gained, and the special bonds formed with the animals in the Interpretive Center, are unforgettable! So during your next visit, be sure to catch a stage show, a Keeper Chat or an Animal Encounter, and meet the docents, staff, interns, and animal ambassadors of the Sacramento Zoo!

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