Happy 1st Birthday Jingga!

A year has passed since zoo staff came into work to hear the news from keepers that our tiger had given birth overnight. Although the keepers were not expecting the birth (no pregnancy seen on last exam, no weight change for the dam nor any behavioral changes as they saw with the last birth) they jumped into action!

The mother received a cozy den box in the back area where she could concentrate on her new arrival. In the first week Jingga was not gaining weight as fast as keepers had expected based on weight data from cubs in the last litter, so Animal Care gave some extra formula feedings with mom watching from the next den. After a few days of that, Jingga wanted nothing more to do with the bottle – and we have never looked back!

Now, one year later, Jingga the Sumatran Tiger Cub is looking a lot more like her mother. Her fluffy cub fur is growing into her adult coat, and well over 100 lbs now, she will soon be the same size as her mother at 190 lbs.

Although Jingga was born on March 18th, the Sacramento Zoo will be celebrating her 1st birthday on April 2nd in collaboration with Earth Fest! We hope you will come out and wish Jingga a Happy Birthday as she celebrates with special toys and treats made by Zoo Teens and animal care staff. And make sure to sign her giant birthday card!

It has been a joy for employees and visitors alike, to watch her grow up right here at the Sacramento Zoo. Happy 1st Birthday Jingga!

Slideshow of Jingga's first year.

Day 30 - grooming by mom. View on Youtube.

Week 12 - playing with a ball. View on Youtube.

8 months - playing with a pumpkin. View on Youtube.

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