Tiger Cub, Day 8 - Bottle Feedings

by Harrison Edell, General Curator

While the birth of our newest Sumatran tiger cub has been very exciting, her first week has also proven challenging. During her first exam (on Day 1) she appeared quite healthy. Over the next days, health checks showed she had gained little weight since birth, prompting the Zoo staff to supplement the milk she's receiving from Bahagia. The veterinarians and Zoo keepers are offering her formula by bottle a few times a day, then returning the cub to the den box for Baha to inspect and clean her. The hope is that the cub will get the nutritional boost she needs from supplemental feeding, while remaining under the nurturing care of her mother.

The cub is wrapped in a towel during the feeding to keep her warm.

Article in the Sacramento Bee
Sacramento Zoo officials keep fingers crossed for Sumatran tiger cub

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