Do you play Foursquare?

By Jaime Wilson, Social Media Nerd

So you probably know the Sacramento Zoo loves its social media. The blog is two and a half years old now and we've been on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube for well over a year. We love the new way of communicating with our supports and sometimes its just plain fun!

Well, we have just added another piece in our constantly evolving puzzle. Foursquare is a social networking site and phone application that encourages people to get out and enjoy their city. Smart phones work best, but you can also just use texting.

You install an application on your phone and then “check in” places that you go. You can earn badges for exploring and even become Mayor of a place if you have been their more times than anyone else. You can also leave tips, or suggestions for a place and when someone checks in there, your tip pops up!

Check in on foursquare & get a gift!
So here is the cool part. If you come to the Zoo and check in on foursquare just show your check in to the Visitor Services office and they will give you a free carousel ticket! (1 per person, per day)

If you are the foursquare Mayor of the Zoo, show your mayorship on your phone to the Visitor Services office and get a little gift! (1 per person, per day)
Let the race for Zoo Mayor begin!
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