Giraffe's First Day Out!

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

By now you probably know we have been renovating and expanding the giraffe exhibit, Tall Wonders. We broke ground in February and have made great progress!

If you visualize the project area in three blocks it helps. From to left to right...

Block 1: old cement building and giraffe yard
Block 2: old giraffe barn
Block 3: old hippo exhibit and old kangaroo yard

The first step was to keep the giraffes in Block 2, or the middle, while we worked around them. The cement building and yard fencing were removed from Block 1 and the hippo exhibit was demolished in Block 3.

The new raised viewing deck was built first in Block 1, while leveling was happening in the old kangaroo yard (Block 3).

Then the foundation for the new giraffe house was done and the heavy duty building started!

Once the new house (in Block 3) was finished the giraffes were moved inside and finally we could demolish the old giraffe barn that lived in the middle (Block 2).

So, now the yard is done! We are currently working on landscaping, signage, the tortoise yard and other finishing touches. Below you can see a slideshow of the giraffe's first day out in their yard.

After some cautious exploration, Val and Skye did some running and kicking around the yard but Goody decided to stay inside for a while longer.

Our grand opening celebration of Tall Wonders will be President's Day weekend 2010! Thanks to everyone who has help make this endeavour happen!

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