Flowers, Bubbles & Plastic Toys!

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

We have been posting blogs about the new enrichment "toys" that were purchased for the animals at our Wild Affair fundraiser. Check out the previous posts here:

Round one: Toys, Browse & Worms
Round two: Puzzle Tubes, Leaves & Treats

Here is our third and final round of enrichments including the Chimpanzees, Orangutans and Red river hogs.

First stop: Chimpanzees
A few years ago the Primate keepers tried out a bubble machine for the chimps but it had since broken. With the Wild Affair funds they purchased a sturdier professional machine that will last longer! The machine is placed on the roof of the building so the bubbles float into the top of the chimp habitat through the mesh roof. There was a lot of staring at the bubbles from a distance, but two of the chimps did get close and tried to catch them in their mouths!

Second stop: Orangutans
The orangs like to eat plants and are given browse regularly. The enrichment funds are going to buy them banana leaves and edible flowers on a regular basis to add to their diets and give them some more variety. They picked up and ate the flowers first and then settled in to eat the banana leaves soon after. In the warmer months they may even use the leaves for shade.

Third stop: Red river hogs
These strange looking green things are treat dispensers specifically designed for hoof stock and hogs. The treats are placed inside and the hogs have to roll them around for get the food out. The design makes them roll in a circle and also makes it harder to get the treats out so they have to upend the dispenser to get everything. The hogs figured them out quickly and pushed and flipped them over until they had all the food.

Throughout the year there are Keeper Chats in the afternoon that usually include an enrichment like these. Check out our calendar by day to see what's happen when you come to the Zoo!
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