Giraffe Barn Demolition

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

The three giraffe girls made the transition to their new house a couple of weeks ago which put us into the next phase of the Tall Wonders giraffe exhibit renovation and expansion project - destruction!

That's right, the old giraffe barn came crashing down on a Thursday morning with almost all the Zoo staff looking on. I think we now understand how little kids can just watch big earth movers for hours on end. It was mesmerizing to see the wooden fence come out, and then the slow destruction of the barn starting at one corner and finishing near the new giraffe house.

It really is an end of an era seeing that barn come down and a bit sad since so many memories are wrapped up with it, but the new house is beautiful and state-of-the-art! Most importantly it will help keep the girls warm in the winter! Just in time for the cold weather.

The construction will continue now on finishing the middle part of the expanded yard so you will see a lot of dirt moving in the next few weeks.

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