Molly the Snow Leopard's New Home

By Lauren, Sacramento Zoo Teen

It was a hot and humid day in New York City as I trekked through Central Park to the Central Park Zoo. I was excited to see the new exhibit hosting Snow Leopards - one of them our very own Molly! Before leaving for vacation I had read that Molly the snow leopard from the Sacramento Zoo had been transferred to the Central Park Zoo.

Inside, the animals I first went to see were the sea lions because the trainers were just about to do a feeding show. They were in a huge clear tank in the middle of a courtyard swimming around and doing flips. I really wanted to be in that water with them because it looked so refreshing! After I left the sea lions, I moved on to see the penguins waddling around and the polar bear exhibit. Except there were no polar bears - I guess it was too hot outside for them that day. A little disappointed, I moved on the the main event - the snow leopards!

Right away I knew I would see one of the snow leopards, hopefully Molly, because a whole bunch of little kids and their parents were gathered around the glass window. The exhibit was large and full of bushes and trees. Laying on a rock right next to the window was a beautiful sleeping snow leopard. I wasn't sure if it was Molly or not, but it made me happy enough that I saw one and that I got a fantastic picture! Reading the nearby placards, I discovered that Molly just recently gave birth to the most adorable baby snow leopard. The father, George, was from the Bronx Zoo.

My visit to the Central Park Zoo was tons of fun! I'm sad that we no longer have Molly at our zoo, but I'm glad she seems to be doing very well in her new life at the New York City Zoo.

Molly as a cub at the Sacramento Zoo with mom - 2006

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