Tails from the Dark Side

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Evening is one of the busiest times of the day for wildlife. The diurnal animals, those who are awake and active during the day, are taking advantage of the break from the afternoon heat and trying to gather as much food as they can before they settle in for the long cool night. At the same time, the nocturnal animals are just beginning to wake up and start their day as the sun begins its descent. There is even a type of animal, called crepuscular, that is only awake and active at dawn and dusk. When you put all of these animals together, you can see why sunset is always bustling in the wild!

So what are wild animals doing that keeps them so busy in the evening? Do they take a bath and brush their teeth and lay out their clothes for the next day? Not quite, but they are using this time to prepare. Many insectivorous animals are busy gorging on as much food as they can gather. Anyone who’s been out enjoying a midsummer evening can attest that there is no shortage of bugs! Many wild animals like birds and mice are also gathering nesting materials to get ready before the temperature drops at nightfall.

Most people never get to see all of this activity at the Zoo because we close well before the summer sunset begins. That’s what makes the Overnight Safaris such a special experience. Groups and Families who come to the Overnight Safaris get to enjoy that busy time of the day with our unique and very wild family!

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