Gus Says: Play Ball!

By Gus, the Green tree frog

Kickball that is! It was a very hot summer day at Raley Field. The Rivercats had another baseball game to win, but the most important thing happening that day was Dinger’s 10th Birthday (Dinger is the Rivercats mascot if you didn’t know). Since I’m, the Sacramento Zoo’s mascot. I was one of many Dinger’s friends invited to come out and celebrate.

Part of the celebration was Gus meeting the fans at the game. There were lots of high-fives, thumbs-up, and picture taking. I just loved hearing how many people enjoy the Zoo. It was the best feeling.

There was a little competition amongst friends with a game of kickball. I must say, I did pretty well never having played before. After all I am a frog! It was my turn to kick and the kick was good. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it to first in time, but I did. It was a fun and hilarious game.

The best play of the game was when I took off from second, made it to third and was headed for home. Just before I could reach home plate, the other team was able to get the ball to their catcher, Dinger. Dinger tagged me out and sent me flying backwards, frog feet in the air and everything! Oh what a sight! I wasn’t hurt and Dinger and I are still good friends.
So get together with some of your friends and visit the Zoo. You should carpool too! Remember what Gus says…"Be Green!"

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