Giraffe House Sneak Peek

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

Last week, we donned hard hats and the Zoo Curator took us on a tour of the new Giraffe house. The progress is impressive and the attention to detail is amazing! The inside walls that will split the space into dens will arrive in the next couple of weeks, but for now, it's a huge open building.

Take a look at our tour - the descriptions are below the pictures.

You can see how tall the building is compared to the people!

This is a deck for the keepers to get eye-to-eye with the Giraffes for feeding, vet exams and training. The window is for loading hay through via a forklift and you can see the Giraffe-shaped sculpture out the window that decorates the edges of the building.

The thinner door you see will lead to a room with a in-floor scale and a Giraffe "hugger" - a way to hold the Giraffes still for vet exams.

The second floor will be for storage of feed, hay and other essentials. The downstairs closed in area will have an office, bathroom and prep area.

This will be a large door where we can access the second floor storage with a fork lift.

The small windows are so that the keepers can see the animals out in the yard from inside the building. You can also see the skinny door again from the outside.

Can you see the tree? They used different colored stone to make a mosaic tree on the side of the building. You can also see the many Giraffe heads decorating the roof line.
We are still raising money for this huge project. If you would like to help, please donate here.
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