Giraffe Habitat Renovation - Progress Report

By Jaime Wilson, Zoo Blog Keeper

Since February of this year, we have seen demolition, earth moving and construction happening at the Giraffe exhibit. Currently, the three girls are living in the old barn and yard between the two construction sites.

On the left side, an old cement building was torn down and now there is a huge raised viewing area that is coming along nicely. Dual ramps bring the visitor up to eye level with the giraffes and there is an area designed for supervised feedings! Recently, the Zoo Curator let all of the staff walk up and see the new area. It's not finished yet, but the staff were just overwhelmed at how nice it is and very grateful to see all our hard work become reality.

On the right side, the hippo pool and old kangaroo yard were leveled and a very tall cinder block building was raised after lots of electrical and plumbing. And it's so much taller than we expected! When you stand below it next to the Vet hospital it looks gigantic. The walls are finished and they are working on the roof now.

We are still months away from completion but it's great to see the progress every day and we hope you are as excited as we are about this state-of-the-art exhibit. If you would still like to donate to the project, visit the Giraffe Habitat Renovation and Expansion page. The goal of $2 million has not been reached yet, so every donations counts!

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