Auctions & Raffles & Inkind, Oh My!

By Jaime Wilson, Fundraising Coordinator

Okay, so that title doesn't sound very interesting, I know. But in my defense, I do get very excited about all of this! Throughout the year, the Zoo does 3 silent auctions, 1 live auction, 3 paid raffles, and about a dozen free raffles and giveaways. Most of them are in conjunction with the fundraising events we put on such as King of Feasts, Ice Cream Safari and Wild Affair.

That adds up to over 400 items ranging from small plush animals to vacation rentals and expensive wines. Of course, we don't just have this stuff laying around, so how do we get it all? We ask!

Since our items are donated to us, the money we raise at the auctions goes right back into the Zoo. We are fortunate enough to have a lot of support from local wineries, restaurants, activity centers, bakeries, boutiques and other stores. We also receive donations from distributors and manufacturers that supply our gift store, Zoofari Market. The most unique donors are our volunteer Board of Directors, who are very creative - donating dinners in their homes, one-of-a-kind tours and vacation homes.

It truly is amazing that so many individuals and businesses come together to make our fundraising events even more fun, all while supporting the Zoo.

Thanks to all of our donors!

And if you have a business that is interested in donating an item, feel free to contact me at Items that go very well are dinner gift certificates, wine, children's packages, movie and theatre tickets, golf foursomes, spa packages, and one-of-a-kind experiences.

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