Welcome Amber the Anteater - Slideshow

By Lauren Kraft, Public Relations Coordinator

The Zoo's female Giant anteater is now out on exhibit with the male. She arrived over a month ago and spent 30 days of quarantine in the veterinary hospital before given a clean bill of health. She moved up to the Giant anteater den a couple weeks ago and started getting acclimated to her new companion, and her new exhibit. The two anteaters were introduced to each other on the exhibit and are getting along just fine. The female does like to sleep in and usually does not come out until 10 or 11 am. Giant anteaters are nocturnal, so she is just catching up on her beauty rest.

With a tongue that moves in and out 150 times per minute, the Giant anteater can eat up to 30,000 insects in a single day!

When the weather is warm, look for these two bathing in their pool - it is amazing to see!
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