From the Kitchen - Crickets!

You won’t find Jiminy Cricket in our kitchen, but all the other crickets are fair game for our amphibian population.

Our frogs and toads eat a variety of hopping, crawling denizens. Some of the larger amphibians eat crickets, meal worms, kingworms and wax worms. The littlest frogs get young crickets that vary in size, plus fruit flies (drosophila), that we “grow” in mason jars. The flies are so small they could fit on the head of a pin.

Because we feed “live” foods to our amphibians, we have to be concerned about what our live prey are eating as well. The crickets eat a crumble diet of duck chow, plus some produce. When they are actually fed to the amphibians, we first sprinkle them with a calcium/vitamin powder.

A 15 gram Fire-bellied toad will eat around 400 crickets per year – that’s a lot of crickets for only one frog! We have over 30 frogs, toads and salamanders in our reptile house and thankfully none of our crickets carry umbrellas, or break into song -- because that would just be annoying.

Fire-bellied toad

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