Conservation Carousel - Letter from Zoo Director

On Monday April 20 a United Van Lines truck pulled into our front gate from Ohio. By Friday afternoon, we were the proud owners of a beautiful, hand-carved, hand-painted Conservation Carousel! Over the next few weeks we will be taking the final steps to prepare this new addition at the Zoo for a grand opening on May 20th.

A recent letter to the editor in the Sacramento Bee raised some questions about why the Zoo is spending money on a carousel rather than the enclosures for the animals at the Sacramento Zoo.

The care of the animals is always our top priority. With our limited space at Land Park, we have to be creative about generating revenue. We want the Zoo to be accessible and don’t want to raise admission fees beyond the reach of our community.

Three years ago we invested in a small train at the Zoo. That train now generates $50,000 annually that directly supports our animal care, education programs and conservation. We anticipate that the carousel (which cost just over $500,000) will provide even more significant revenue in the next few years, contributing additional funds to these same essential activities.

Mary Healy
Sacramento Zoo

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