Better Tuna for Better Oceans

By Jaime Wilson, Green Team Member

As we have blogged about before, Service System Associates is the company we contract with to run the Zoofari Market gift store and the Kampala Cafe & Catering. SSA operates in many zoos and has been making strides to bring an environmentally conscious mentality to their for-profit business.

Tuna is a pretty big staple in our lunches and other meals, and one of the major concerns about tuna fishing is all of the "bycatch" that is caught in net fishing. That is all of the sea creatures that are pulled up in nets that aren't tuna or other marketable fish. One way to avoid bycatch is to fish with lines and poles.

To support sustainable tuna and to raise awareness, Kampala Cafe has switched all of their tuna to American Tuna, a company that uses line and pole fishing. They also have a display in the Zoofari Market where they will sell American Tuna to the public.

Once again, we are proud of the strides that the Kampala Cafe and Zoofari Market have taken to promote conservation and awareness. And the next time you are at the Zoo pick up a tuna sandwich for lunch!
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