Gus Says: Jump Into Reusable Bottles!

By Gus, the Green Tree Frog

One way I love to be green is to take my own reusable water bottle around everywhere I go!

Can you count up how many plastic water bottles you use in a week? How about a month or a year? Yup, it's probably a whole lot! Now, of course, you need to keep drinking water but what about trying out a reusable bottle to cut down on that plastic you are consuming. Just fill it up at home or a drinking fountain and you are off to a very green start!

If you do have to buy some water on the go, just make sure to recycle it! Plastics don't breakdown in the landfill for hundreds of years. That means that the first plastic water bottle that was thrown away is still sitting in a landfill somewhere. Water bottles can be recycled and remade right back into bottles and other plastic products so remember - RECYCLE!

And if you are looking for a stylish bottle to try this out with, there are now five different colors of my very own water bottles! Pick one up when you are at the Zoo, just come by the Membership Office. They are $10, or $8 if you are a Sacramento Zoo Member.

Just one more thing - when you are traveling around this year, make sure to take a picture of your Gus bottle in front of local sights and submit it to us! We are collecting them to make a photo album. Find out about submitting photos here!

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