Green California Summit

By Jaime Wilson, Green Team Member

The Green California Summit was happening in Sacramento earlier this week, and I made it out for the keynote speeches and the marketplace where vendors show off their stuff. Green Technology, a non-profit that informs governmental agencies on green practices, puts on the Summit and others like it all over the state. There were lots of city, county and state workers there, but also non-profits, engineers, builders and people from other industries.

I have been to a few green conferences over the years, and I have to say, the sheer number of vendors has increased three fold! Now there are many companies working with porous concrete, LED lights and green promotional products where there used to be maybe one of each. It was encouraging to see companies with environmentally friendly mandates doing well and multiplying.

Here are just a few of them that caught my eye.

World Centric
Based out of Palo Alto, they sell sustainable paper products in smaller, household size quantities. Before, things like sugar cane plates, potato starch utensils and corn plastic cups were only available in cases. Now you can stock up at home.

Weisenback Recycled Products
We love working with these guys! Whereas some promotional products companies have a hard time pointing out which of their products are green, Weisenback has a hard time pointing out what isn't green! They go above and beyond for the sake of sustainability and eco-consciousness.

Go Green Asphalt
They will come out and tear up your old asphalt, grind it up, mix it into new asphalt and lay it back down, all right there! 100% recycled asphalt. This is a great idea, that I haven't hear of before.

Ecoflame International
They make food warming gels (think Sternos), but are made from sugar cane and burns cleaner than the other types. I haven't tried them yet, but I didn't even know there was an alternative.

Overall the Green California Summit was great, and I hope they do it again next year!
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