Bloomin' Crazy 2009 Slideshow

By Jaime Wilson, Compulsive Plant Buyer

If you ever wander into my office, you will know it because of the 11 plants I have crammed into it. I brag that I have all the oxygen in my trailer. I only tell you this because it gives me some creditability when I say that our Bloomin' Crazy Plant Festival and Sale last weekend was just fabulous!

We had 14 vendors, free activities for young and old, stage show, animals talks, Gus the Green tree frog mascot and of course, animals! The vendors had everything, from lavender to orchids, violets to irises, worm castings to rare fruit and everything in between.

The day was just gorgeous, sunny and warm. But my favorite part was that we had recently planted a whole lot of tulips in the flower bed surround by the big round bench. Just before the event, they all burst into bloom and there were hundreds of pink tulips! We just couldn't have asked for more.

Thanks to every who came out to the event, all our vendors, volunteers and staff for making it such a great day. Check out the slide show if you want the highlights.

And yes, I did end up buying two new orchids, an iris, some fertilizer and tickets to another plant show. (I also have all the oxygen in my condo!)

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