Americorps Volunteers Get Hands Dirty for the Zoo!

By Valorie Schneider, Volunteer Coordinator

For two weeks in March we were very fortunate to have our very own group of very hard working AmeriCorps volunteers here at the Zoo.

For those of you that do not know what AmeriCorps is, it is the National Civilian Community Corps (AmeriCorps NCCC). Each group travels the country and is deployed to selected sites to assist in projects that benefit the area within a specific region. Many of the AmeriCorps volunteers have helped in areas such as New Orleans after Katrina, or work with forestry organizations and so on.

The Sacramento Zoo applied to be a selected site for a project area and was selected last year, this group is our first team and we will always remember each and every one of them. They have taken on a few of our more glamorous projects such as the “lake cleaning” project and trenching for a new irrigation project. Yikes! However we did get to rotate each volunteer into our animal care area as well and they helped maintenance department with lots of planting around the Zoo.

Our group consisted of ten volunteers; Anna (team leader), Kristen, Eve, Sarah, Regina, Joe, Daniel, Patrick, Christa and Mary. We hope that they enjoyed being here as much as we enjoyed and appreciated having them here with us. I hope they will remember us fondly I know we will always remember them!

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