Zoo P.I. Critter Caper returns!

It’s that time again. Time for the new Zoo P.I. critter caper! Zoo P.I. is back, along with his wife in her first ever stage performance. Our favorite animals are back as well, aiding Zoo P.I. and his wife on their “staycation.” After President’s day, you can catch our show on Saturdays and Sundays, then Zoo P.I. hits the stage Tuesday through Sunday on April 6th. Check our daily calendar for dates. While I could tell you how good the show will be, it’s better to read the following review:

The Zoo P.I.’s ‘Wow’ Critics and Audiences Alike
By Brooke Webber, Fake reporter/pretend critic

For the first time ever, gracing the stage in her debut performance, Mrs. Zoo P.I. stuns audiences from all over the globe with her ability to capture the character of “Mrs. Zoo P.I.” in this year’s critter caper. “It’s as if this role was written FOR her,” says one satisfied guest.

Playwright Laurie Todd is thrilled with the casting, having seen her play come alive on stage. “The characterization, the interplay between Zoo P.I. and his wife, the animal antics…it’s exactly what I envisioned when writing this masterpiece,” says Todd.

Alongside Mrs. Zoo P.I., playing the role of “Zoo P.I.” is a well known actor and private investigator by the name of Zoo P.I. He has the aura of a seasoned actor about him. Audiences loved him; they related to him, they knew him! Like Shirley Temple and musicals, Zoo P.I. just fits in critter capers.

Also up for the roles of Zoo P.I. and Mrs. Zoo P.I. were Samuel Curtis and Lara Kirkendall, both veterans of the Sac Zoo stage. They were unavailable for comment after the rejection from the play.

When asked about the choice, Casting Director Evelyn Parks says, “You know, those two were good, solid actors, but what can I say? The Zoo P.I.s ‘wow’ed us.”

But let’s not lose sight of the true stars of the stage; the animals! Featured are some familiar faces, but don’t let that discourage you! Like always, they are filled with unpredictability and fun! The play is an excellent portrayal of a modern day “staycation” that so many Americans are partaking in. Overall, this play is family friendly, entertaining, and funny. It’s a great venue and show to visit again and again!

***Please remember that this "review" is compeletly made up, and meant in fun! Although the facts and animals shared in the actual Zoo P.I. Critter Caper show are true and real - it comes with a helping of campy fun.

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