Keeper Aid Volunteers

By Leslie Field, Animal Care Supervisor

The Sacramento Zoo provides unique opportunities for those who don’t mind getting a little dirty! Over 2008, 78 volunteers worked with our professional keeping staff (as Keeper-aide volunteers) and logged 3489 hours of helpful donated time.

These volunteers don rubber boots and work alongside the keepers in cleaning the animals’ exhibits, their dens, preparing diets, doing dishes, making enrichments and feeding the animals in 5 animal care areas.

Not a very glamorous way to spend your free time but it can be a very rewarding experience. With gas prices so high and people struggling with keeping their jobs, it may be that we see a dip in our volunteer force this year.

If you are interested in finding out about this program and other volunteering opportunities at the zoo, please email Valorie Schneider, our Volunteer Coordinator, call (916) 808-7444 or visit our Volunteer webpage.

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