Spreading "Green" Cheer

By Jaime Wilson, Green Team Member

On a recently frosty day, Michelle in our Admin office who is also a member of the Green Team, called me over in a very excited fashion. Since it's the holiday season, I assumed the Zoo received some sort of goodie basket that she wanted to share.

When I came in I was very surprised to see a very flat, unassuming box. I didn't know what the big deal was. And then I read the box.
"SSA wishes the Sacramento Zoo a very GREEN holiday season!"
Service System Associates is the company that we contract to run the Zoofari Market gift store and the Kampala Cafe & Catering. They do business with a lot of zoos and have been making huge efforts to make their business practices more environmentally friendly. Something that a lot of for-profit companies have a hard time with. Well, they've done it again.
Our gift box contained tools to help us reduce our energy usage and save $360 annually! Here is what we got
  • Three compact fluorescent bulbs
  • A water tank saver for your toilet to use less water
  • A smart power strip that stops your electronics from sucking energy even when they are turned off
  • A LED emergency light

We were so impressed, we just had to share. It is amazing how inventive people get when they are trying to make a difference. Thank you SSA for leading the way...we hope others follow.

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