Holiday Magic December 13th

By Jaime Wilson, Web Development Coordinator

No where in my job description is there a line that says, "Build presents and deliver trees to the animals". But being a nonprofit, the employees wear many hats. Which means that sometimes I get to step away from my computer, my constant Internet connection, my igoogle and everything else to actually go outside and do something.

Holiday Magic is one of my favorite events of the year. The whole day is dedicated to watching the Zoo animals get holiday treats. This is fun for a few different reasons.

1) On most days Zoo animals get enrichments -something to keep them active and thinking. But usually the visitors either don't get to see it, or don't know what they are seeing. On Holiday Magic, we schedule one every half hour and have our fabulous Interpretive Center staff out there to talk to the visitors, explain what is going on and answer questions.

2) Every Zookeeper wants something made for the animals in their section. It is really fun coming up with new ideas with them, and being able to get everything together for them, so all they have to do is pass them out during the day. This year, our new thing is pine cone reindeer. Pine cones with sticks to make them look like reindeer, with cooked jams crammed into the open spaces with raisins and seeds. It will take a while for the monkeys to dig all the goodies out of them.

3) My volunteers! I have a core group of volunteers (specifically, my family and friends), that do my bidding at our huge Wild Affair event in October. It's a grueling 14 hour day for them, but they always come through. They get to come back on Holiday Magic and work a measly few hours making all these enrichments and then help deliver them. They have a blast, and it's my way of giving them a fun volunteer job to make up for Wild Affair.

So, I hope to see you at Holiday Magic on Saturday, December 13. We open the gates at 10 am and best of all, if you are Sac Zoo Member, it's all free to you! If you're not a member, it's all included with your Zoo admission. See the whole schedule on our Holiday Magic webpage.

See you there! I will be the one in the Santa hat with cute little ears sewn on it, delivering presents.
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