"Thank You Miss Jaime!"

By Jaime Wilson, Web Development and Fundraising Coordinator

While building the new SacZoo website, I had the pleasure of working with quite a few people over at Blackbaud in Charleston, SC. They supply software to non profits among other things and I've always enjoyed speaking with them.

This past summer, I received an email from Tina, asking if she could come by the Zoo while out visiting with family. She had gotten my name from our account rep and wanted to just see how we do business while also treating her nieces and sister-in-law to a day at the Zoo. After a couple of cancelled trips, she finally made it out.

And I got way more than I bargained for!

I thought it would be a kind of business meeting/networking thing. Instead it was a really fun afternoon with her family, especially the nieces, Bridgit and Camille. I walked them around the Zoo and took them back to see the giraffes up close, which they loved!

After their trip, we posted photos on our home page slide show which made it through their family circuit. Then, I had the privilege to go to the Conference for Nonprofits in Charleston last week and I got another surprise, kid art! I love kid art! The girls both make me pictures to say thanks for the Zoo visit, with a big "Thank You Miss Jaime" on the back.

Sometimes working at the Zoo has the most surprising and rewarding benefits that have nothing to do with a paycheck. You gotta love that.

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