Sharing Quality Time With Your Kids

By Pam Williams, Development Department

My 32-year-old son, Beau, came for a visit last week. He and his brother, Cory, run Crocodile Bay Lodge on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica and have lived there for over eight years. Needless to say, I don’t get to spend much time with my boys since they moved to Costa Rica, but we try to make the most of each visit.

After eating (lots of Mom’s home cooking!), shopping (Costco and Borders) and taking in an afternoon matinee (the Batman movie), how do you entertain a grown child? The Sacramento Zoo, of course!

Although there is no doubt that Costa Rica has an abundance of exotic wildlife, the Sacramento Zoo offers all the favorites in one location. When the boys were young, we often visited the Oakland and San Francisco Zoos. Seeing giraffe, zebras and chimps last week brought back memories of earlier zoo excursions, and we enjoyed playing “remember when” as we strolled from one exhibit to the next.

The moral of this story? You are never too old to enjoy a visit to the zoo with your son, even if he is six and a half feet tall!
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