Baby Bibs and Being Green

By Ann Geiger, Education Director

So what does a baby bib have to do with the zoo? As we all try to look for new ways to be green, don't forget the tried and true old ideas.

When I was growing up my Aunt would occasionally send me a box of hand me downs from my cousin. I loved getting the box of clothes because I knew my cousin had helped pick out the stuff she thought I might enjoy and in my mind she was "way cool!"

Working here at the zoo we have an extended family of friends that network together to help each other and pass things along. Take for instance the bib in the picture, it started out at one of our docents homes for her daughter, then it went to our Education Manager Amanda's daughter and then to my granddaughter and now it is with our keeper Lacey who is expecting next month.
Networking with the people close to us, saved money, time, gas and we all get to see the extended life of the things we are exchanging.
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