What are these? Enrichments!

By Zoo Blog Keeper

The Animal Care staff was pleased as punch after Wild Affair, because we raised over $1,500 specifically for enrichment items. Enrichment for Zoo animals is any item or activity which helps keep them active, thinking and playing. Everyday the zoo keepers strive to provide stimulating and challenging activities for the animals.

Below you see the first half of their bounty! The small and medium sized plastic balls will have holes drilled into them so the keepers can put seeds, worms, crickets or other treats inside. Then the animals have to solve the puzzle to get them out. They will be use for the Ground hornbills, Mangabeys, Guenons and many others.

The brightly colored ones are called Jolly Balls and will be hung for the Kangaroos, Giraffes and other hoof stock so they can rub on them or push them around.

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