Plan B - The Rain Model

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As many of you may know, we hosted our 13th annual Wild Affair this past weekend. What you might not know is that your Zoo Bloggers are big players in putting on the event. So, yes. This is an excuse for not having regular posts over the last week or so. We are sorry!

Wild Affair is put on throughout the Zoo. Dinner in a large tent, silent auction outside around our Kampala Center, tours all over, bars and raffle outside. You can imagine our feelings toward the forecast of rain early in the week. As much as we needed the rain, we were starting to worry about being able to pull it off.

We kept thinking positive. It won't be so bad. It won't rain on that day. It always sounds worse than it really is.

Then our host for the evening, Dave Bender, who is the weather guy for CBS 13 calls us and says, "It's going to rain. Plan accordingly." How do you argue with the weather guy?

We sat down and in two hours we had Plan B - The Rain Model. We mapped out a change of location for most things, new tents for other things, and voila! we still had an event. We went in to present the plan and two hours after that, new tents were being put up and we were on our way.

The weather at Wild Affair was just perfect! You could hardly tell it had been raining early that morning and the new setup was a hit! It was actually fun to try some new things and with a sold out crowd, we raised some great money for the new Tall Wonders giraffe habitat renovation and expansion.

Thank you to all the staff that helped make the event possible and to the guests who came out with checkbooks in hand. Everyone got to enjoy a great party and we are one step closer to a new giraffe exhibit.

Let's hear it for Plan B!
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