A big thanks to Anonymous Donor

By Laurie Todd, Fish Keeper

Sometimes a little goes a long way! One of the ways people can help out the Zoo is by donating items from our wish list. We put many different things we need on this list, from everyday necessities to very rare items. One very rare item I asked for was just donated to us from an anonymous donor. This item, The Endemic Cichlids of Madagascar is a book that can only be ordered from France!

I am really excited about this reference book because it will help me get additional information on a threatened species of fish we take care of at the Zoo, the Madagascar “Large Spot” Cichlid. For some people it may seem like just a book, but to me it is another way to ensure that all animals at our Zoo, even fish, get the best care possible at the Sacramento Zoo! So thank you so much Anonymous Donor, you have just made one keeper and two cichlids very happy!
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