Savannah Snacks Update

By Zoo Blog Keeper

Back in July, we posted a blog on Savannah Snacks, our new concession stand that will replace the old Ice Cream Station Zebra. There has been a lot of progress so we thought we would share!
Demolition of the old building started about a month ago and took some time. It also included some trenching for an updated fire hydrant line. Once that was cleared there was electrical and plumbing work and finally pouring the concrete slab where it would live.

Like all construction, there were some bumps in the road that slowed us down a little but we are expecting to have the Savannah Snacks module delivered soon! We are very excited to see how it looks in it's new home.

It will take some time to set up the station once it is installed, but we are well on our way! Here are some pictures of where Ice Cream Station Zebra used to be, and the new Savannah Snacks. We will update you again soon!

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