Karter's 9th Birthday - for the Chimps!

By Lindsay Walsh, Membership Assistant

Did you know that we have a Zoo Parent program here at the Sacramento Zoo? Karter did!

Karter is 9 years old and really into Chimpanzees. She decided that for her birthday this year she wanted to raise money for the conservation of these amazing primates. The special thing about Karter is that she asked her friends and relatives to donate money in place of presents! She raised a grand total of $145!!

Her mother enclosed a very kind note, praising her daughters’ ceaseless compassion, and explaining that Karter was hoping the money could benefit the chimps here at the zoo as well as ones all over the world! Part of the money Karter’s raised was put into the Zoo Parent Program, which will contribute to the feeding, cleaning and exhibit upkeep of the chimps here at the Zoo. The other part was put into the Species Survival Program (SSP), a program put in place to help ensure the survival of selected wildlife species!

If you have any questions or want to get involved by becoming a Zoo Parent, visit the Zoo Parents webpage or call the Membership Office at (916) 808-5888.
Thanks again Karter!!
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